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It was a dark stormy night… ok it wasn’t dark, stormy or even night, but our founder, Dr. Brian Parks, was having a rough day. As a defense contractor for our lovely USA, he was given the chance to pursue a doctorate (as if having a family, full time job and a handful of rescue pups wasn’t enough to tie up his time). Being the mad scientist that he is *creepy ominous chuckle*, he went the route of genetic forensics. Having just learned that his initial dissertation proposal was rejected (we later released it as YK-11 on this site), he did what any self-respecting gym rat would do in a time of trepidation… he went to find comfort in the cabinets of the kitchen. He opened the cabinet doors and looked up; staring back at him the labels of a dozen or so whey proteins. Each label touting a claim; some that they will provide the same taste stimulus as indulging in a cinnamon roll, others that they are the perfect blend of aminos and so on. You see, the Doctor’s wife could not stand to have the same flavor and who could blame her for not wanting to choke down a clumpy artificially sweetened protein shake? In that moment, he stood there gazing up, he was confronted with the solution to his wife’s, and let’s be honest most anyone who has had a protein shake, dilemma.

And so, he set out to map a solution that would result in an odorless and tasteless protein. What he got, was even better; what he got has shaken the foundations of the nutrition world. Genepro, our flagship product, was derived as an odorless, tasteless, highly soluble protein that absorbs 300% better than whey isolates. Genepro is the only protein on the market with little to no gastric impact; making it safe for fitness fanatics, gym rats, geriatric patients, those with compromised immune systems and humans in general. Literally, starting with big blue barrels of grass-fed Wisconsin whey, Genepro, being delivered to his home garage in sunny NC for distribution back in March 2014; to now offering over 100 products that stay true to our quest for quality, innovation and improved nutritional value. It just goes to show that sometimes you have to trust in the greater plan of the events unfolding in your life.

We are putting the passion back into the supplement industry and making your fitness our business.

Our Team

Daria Parks

 Dr. Brian M. Parks

Zac Cain

Robert Principato

Nathan Wynn

Richie Rogers

Tripp Parks