Pro Joe Instant Protein Latte

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Vanilla and coffee converge to awaken your taste buds so that you can adult! 

For the first time EVER in the history of coffee, you can now enjoy a steaming vanilla latte that boasts 31g of protein per cup! Better yet, 30 grams of every cup's protein is derived from Genepro! All of the protein; none of the gastrointestinal impact and far fewer calories!

Now you could brew some espresso, steam some milk, add protein and vanilla..... but who has time for that??? Grab yourself a tablespoon and add 2.5-5 scoops of mix to your mug of hot(not steaming) water and enjoy your joe! 

Want a refreshing twist? Try some cold coconut milk instead of water! 

Want to get fancy? Add some nutmilk for added creaminess! 

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